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I mean original.

And this scared the crap out of my stoner friend.


Is it bad I turned sweet, little innocent UTAUloids into creepyness?

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You heard me. c;

But here’s the problem, oto’s are being a little tricky.

Taiyo’s oto’s were easy after failing the first three times, and I HAVE HEARD NO COMPLAINTS ABOUT TAIYO. c:

But I do have oto’s for everything in place as it is. Just it makes everything sound a little twitchy.

I’m seriously considering releasing a demo for his ACT1.0, and see what happens.

His bank is Full Japanese, and French. English isn’t done, but will be done soon before his initial release.


So far I’ve tested him singing with Taiyo and Fukai, and he’s flexible between those two. Which is a good thing, since there’s nothing to mediate from Fukai’s chirpy melancholic voice, to Taiyo’s manly strong voice. He’d make a better back ground for Paradichlorobenenze. I dunno about Taiya yet… Damn, I was going to pair them up to (Wow, ESPloids are really close kniw, since they don’t associate with anyone else but Dreny and NAU @_@)

Plus I figured out a neat new idea for a Pitchloid (Like anti and Taiya) Fukasa’s female pitch doesn’t require too much flags, just g-15. And it sounds like an airy, sweet cross between Anti-Fukai’s bitterly high pitched voice, and Taiya flowy chrip voice. It sounds completely like a miz of them both.

I’m debating what to call her if I ever release Fukasa…Fumiyo? Fumiko…

Iuno…Psst… Wanna see the demo voicebank? http://www.mediafire.com/?ce1brgasfc11g7c Nothing speicial kind of blank.

g-15 if you want Unamed-female thing

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