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Back with a pimped out new blog, I might add.

So. Some new changes around here.

——-Links, Blogs, Sites.

You can click on anything under “Esp’s links” to find out more

-Twitter: #FukaiNekone_bot is still managed by me, nothing but Fukai related things. #EspeonLady is my main one as of now. Abandoned for the meantime #iwasagoffick

-DeviantArt: deactived “xxxEspeonLadyxxx”, moved to “EspeonLady”. Rewatch is you haven’t already

-Tumblr: “EspeonLady” has been deactivated, merged once again with “You, me, and the Neko” (youmeandtheneko.tumblr.com)

-ReJoined UTAforum after the most recent server relocation. EspeonLady as always.

-Soundcloud will take the place Tumblr had as a music storage.

-Added a bunch of links, some more relative to UTAU than others, but you can hunt me down and threaten me if you’d like.


-Added an affiliates category on the sidebar of the blog. Nifty as a new nickle. Will expand shortly


Revamped those to ease up on the clutter. Removed “Taiya Inune, Anti-Fukai”.

———————UTAU splashpages

-Fukai, Fukasa and Taiyo have their own seperate homepages (Click them under “UTAU” on the righthand side). This blog is the main ESPloid page still, just with branches. There will be more crossposting between the four blogs, but will eliminate shitposting and allow room for oekaki things like character doodles and such. The pages will be completed this week, but for now they are left blank only to bear the placeholding name.

—————————–Voicebanks and Current ESPloids

-Fukasa Nekone has a 1.2 Japanese Standalone in the works, fully re-oto’d. Sadly, couldn’t rerecord anything for his core voicebank and is stuck with trilled R’s (diminshed, but still present.)

-Dropped the Fukasa Nekone French Extend from his core, now an extend to his Susurrant append due to recreational issues.

-Fukasa Nekone has 4 appends in the works, a fifth if we’re lucky. Strong, Flighty, Susurrant, ???, and ???

-Taiyo Inune 1.2 is halted; Doubt I’ll be getting any samples from Char. I added a 1.2 beta Voicebank Download to his UTAU.wikia page. The 1.2 beta has nine fixed samples (Fixed the trilled R’s and misprouninciation. “Ra, Ri, Ro, Ru, Re, Rya, Ryu, Ryo and Ga) and a fistful of new samples (mostly VC-VV-CV samples, mimicking Fukai’s early 1.3 beta.) He’s getting a re’oto to fix to continuity issues, but will come with a seperate oto to keep his oto’s from 1.1 barring the new samples. (For convience’s sake.)

-Fukai Nekone VCV trashed. Starting over this summer.

-Fukai Nekone French Extend trashed. Starting over this summer.

-Fukai Nekone Japanese Standalone in the works- Her 1.3 voicebank featuring a MUCH cleaner oto.ini with a pinch of fixed samples. The easiest to work voicebank to date.

-Debating a Fukai Nekone append.

-Possible Fukai Nekone upgrade to 2.0

———————————–ESPloid project blog

-Hopefully updating more, bringing in some new talent, orignal songs, and such.

-Now recruiting; Voices, Affiliates, Co-admins, UTAU’s to join ESPloid!

——————————————More to Come!

When I feel like it.

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