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-copypasta’d from the ESPloid Tumblr-

Whatever resampler you pick, does indeed matter.

TIPS is still my favourite alternative choice here, Fresamp is a possibility too. I really don’t like bkh, even though it just came out, I’m not a huge fan. I think the only thing I liked on it the whole time was giving Taiyo a gravelly quality, and added some hoarseness to his voice, but wasn’t so kind on the consonants. bkh just made Fukai and Fukasa Chipmunky. I just don’t like it. And from reading on other people’s feedbacks, it’s not going to be too popular with anyone, espcially since it’s not too flag-friendly either.

Fresamp was alright, just muffly as hell.

But I’d totally use TIPS out of the bunch.

It’s still a shame I couldn’t get world4UTAU to work, and get m4.

Well, Fukasa’s impressed me the most. I really wanted to find something better for Fukai, so I’m a little dissapointed. Taiyo is Taiyo.


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I expected to find something to top Resampler, but I guess not.

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Wow, I expected a bunch a crap from this, but Fresamp and TIPS impressed me here. Even bkh01 was alright here. But I’m pretty glad with Fresamp and TIPS for Fukasa.

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So, I’ve been tinkering with some resamps lately, and for Fukai… Ehh, TIPS would probably be the only one used other than Standard Resamp. The other’s were iffy to me.

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Change Me – Ibu Teishoune

I used Rentan’s UTAU this time, and her voice, hnnggggg, so pretty. ♥

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Chloe – Lelias


I finally used a non-ESPloid UTAU. Personally, I love Lelias, so I thought “Why not?” and here we are.

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