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I broke Miku.

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Fukasa Nekone ACT1.1

Is under way!

I cancelled the VCV bank idea, because he’s going to be… (VCV banks take a million years to do.)


I found a French reclist! :’D (Thanks people who do FRAloids!) ❤



-English Support.


Weird, he sounds almost nothing like me. ;_;

He sounds a little like Fukai, but can’t hit high notes to save his life.

So far, I’m a 1/5th of the Japanese oto’s in.

I’m debating whether to release the French as an append, or not. It’s kind of long…. Same with the english.

His voice range isn’t as dynamic as Taiyo’s (Nothing will ever top that.) about A2 to around B2 being his minimum/lowest voice. About C#5~D5 being his Highest.  It’s a smaller range than Fukai, but Fukai barely scrapes by low as C3. And fails with High notes.  (Taiyo can range a little over three octaves, Fukai, a little over two-and a half.)

His Frequency is about B3

Plus I think Fukasa barely counts under a Tenor voicebank. And he’s not as manly as Taiyo ;_;

…Ehh…Back to work.

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Fukai Scribbly

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