H’okay, so I’ve been gone for well over a year now. I haven’t been able to dedicate a lot of time to working on UTAU due to IRL things getting in the way. But here’s essentially what’s been stagnating in the mean time:


  • Fukai Nekone:

*Has a Japanese standalone of her 1.3 in the works. Smaller voicebank without the 900+Samples of English and multilingual clutter! (Is currently getting samples cleaned up one by one in Audacity and re’otoing them for better clarity). This was severely needed as I still get many requests for a tinier, cleaned up VB. This also means I should work on making her samples shorter too (near 2 seconds per sample is not okay, guys).

*Possible re’otoing and cutting of a few useless samples of her 1.3 Master multilingual voicebank since it’s so freaking huge.

*I see several people still using Fukai’s 1.1 and 1.2 VB and they really aren’t that great, seriously (read: terrible). To save the pain of people still downloading her 1.1 and 1.2 I might (unlikely, of course) go back and fix the oto’s and clean up the samples so they’re at least usable.

  • Fukasa Nekone:

*There’s a 1.2 being worked on. Just like Fukai’s, his ancient samples are being run individually through Audacity to get cleaned up. It’s a Japanese Standalone this time (French 1.1 samples are off-pronunciation and too groggy to work with).

*As I had mentioned before, there are appends! Four to be exact: Susurrant, Flighty, Gravelly,  and Strong. I know I’ve been spouting off about their existence for eons now but all they need is a good cleaning and reworking some oto’s.

There is a sampler (Link!) of how the appends are sounding (Keep in mind, this was before 1.2 started getting cleaned up and the appends getting tweaked oto’s, but here’s what we’re looking at! There is artwork of how his append is going to look too! (Link and Link). The full version of the Love Love Nightmare remix (featuring Fukai 1.3, Fukasa 1.2beta and early stages of his appends) can be found on Soundcloud and Tumblr.

  • Taiyo Inune

There’s a 1.2beta out there already on his wikia page! Granted, it’s oto’s are incomplete but there’s some basic English support in there. I seriously didn’t want Char/Tobo to voice a whole 900+ sample voicebank but it’s coming along nicely. I’m debating whether to filter his VB in Audacity as well (I more thank likely will anyways). If I do need anything voice-wise from him he’s doing to be my roommate here in a month or two!


Of course, the links bar on the side has been updated today as well.

Deviantart: I hardly update that anymore. It’s no longer xXxEspeonLadyxXx (thank goodness), it’s simply EspeonLady. I made the mistake of making a whole new account when six months later the option to rename your dA account came along so I lost a lot of watchers and fans in the move. OTL.

Tumblr: EspeonLady is long gone, YouMeAndTheNeko is now BreakingBreakfast.tumblr.com, that’s my main one.

Twitter: @FukaiNekone_bot, @EspeonLady and @iwasagoffick are all deactivated. I have an unrelated to UTAU twitter @BrekkiBreakfast if you’re interested.

Imgur: I have an imgur now, one that’s probably going to get more use than dA too. It started out as where I dump my artwork done for Team Fortress 2 pals, but have dropped a few Fukai pictures in as well. Link!

UTAU wikia: Links updated on: Fukai Nekone, Fukasa Nekone, Taiyo Inune, Anti-Fukai and Taiya Inune today.

Steam: I have a Steam now????

UTAforum: I have no idea on the current state of the UTAforum so I assume it’s still this or this.

Youtube: Still EspeonLady, still empty.

Contact email: now iwasagoffick@yahoo.com

UTAU splashpages (wordpress): Debating on whether to keep those or not.

So yeah, see you whenever I decide to come out of a rock again!

Back with a pimped out new blog, I might add.

So. Some new changes around here.

——-Links, Blogs, Sites.

You can click on anything under “Esp’s links” to find out more

-Twitter: #FukaiNekone_bot is still managed by me, nothing but Fukai related things. #EspeonLady is my main one as of now. Abandoned for the meantime #iwasagoffick

-DeviantArt: deactived “xxxEspeonLadyxxx”, moved to “EspeonLady”. Rewatch is you haven’t already

-Tumblr: “EspeonLady” has been deactivated, merged once again with “You, me, and the Neko” (youmeandtheneko.tumblr.com)

-ReJoined UTAforum after the most recent server relocation. EspeonLady as always.

-Soundcloud will take the place Tumblr had as a music storage.

-Added a bunch of links, some more relative to UTAU than others, but you can hunt me down and threaten me if you’d like.


-Added an affiliates category on the sidebar of the blog. Nifty as a new nickle. Will expand shortly


Revamped those to ease up on the clutter. Removed “Taiya Inune, Anti-Fukai”.

———————UTAU splashpages

-Fukai, Fukasa and Taiyo have their own seperate homepages (Click them under “UTAU” on the righthand side). This blog is the main ESPloid page still, just with branches. There will be more crossposting between the four blogs, but will eliminate shitposting and allow room for oekaki things like character doodles and such. The pages will be completed this week, but for now they are left blank only to bear the placeholding name.

—————————–Voicebanks and Current ESPloids

-Fukasa Nekone has a 1.2 Japanese Standalone in the works, fully re-oto’d. Sadly, couldn’t rerecord anything for his core voicebank and is stuck with trilled R’s (diminshed, but still present.)

-Dropped the Fukasa Nekone French Extend from his core, now an extend to his Susurrant append due to recreational issues.

-Fukasa Nekone has 4 appends in the works, a fifth if we’re lucky. Strong, Flighty, Susurrant, ???, and ???

-Taiyo Inune 1.2 is halted; Doubt I’ll be getting any samples from Char. I added a 1.2 beta Voicebank Download to his UTAU.wikia page. The 1.2 beta has nine fixed samples (Fixed the trilled R’s and misprouninciation. “Ra, Ri, Ro, Ru, Re, Rya, Ryu, Ryo and Ga) and a fistful of new samples (mostly VC-VV-CV samples, mimicking Fukai’s early 1.3 beta.) He’s getting a re’oto to fix to continuity issues, but will come with a seperate oto to keep his oto’s from 1.1 barring the new samples. (For convience’s sake.)

-Fukai Nekone VCV trashed. Starting over this summer.

-Fukai Nekone French Extend trashed. Starting over this summer.

-Fukai Nekone Japanese Standalone in the works- Her 1.3 voicebank featuring a MUCH cleaner oto.ini with a pinch of fixed samples. The easiest to work voicebank to date.

-Debating a Fukai Nekone append.

-Possible Fukai Nekone upgrade to 2.0

———————————–ESPloid project blog

-Hopefully updating more, bringing in some new talent, orignal songs, and such.

-Now recruiting; Voices, Affiliates, Co-admins, UTAU’s to join ESPloid!

——————————————More to Come!

When I feel like it.

-copypasta’d from the ESPloid Tumblr-

Whatever resampler you pick, does indeed matter.

TIPS is still my favourite alternative choice here, Fresamp is a possibility too. I really don’t like bkh, even though it just came out, I’m not a huge fan. I think the only thing I liked on it the whole time was giving Taiyo a gravelly quality, and added some hoarseness to his voice, but wasn’t so kind on the consonants. bkh just made Fukai and Fukasa Chipmunky. I just don’t like it. And from reading on other people’s feedbacks, it’s not going to be too popular with anyone, espcially since it’s not too flag-friendly either.

Fresamp was alright, just muffly as hell.

But I’d totally use TIPS out of the bunch.

It’s still a shame I couldn’t get world4UTAU to work, and get m4.

Well, Fukasa’s impressed me the most. I really wanted to find something better for Fukai, so I’m a little dissapointed. Taiyo is Taiyo.